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Riding Helmets

2014 Rates
Board (Main Barn) $985/month
Board (Small Barn) $850/month
Board less than one month $50/day
Private lesson (David) $85
Private Lesson $60
Group lesson $45
School horse rental/lesson or use $25
Flatting a school horse
(with instructor's advance permission) 30 min
Trailer-in fee $35
Training ride $50
Full service groom and tack
(per lesson with 24 hrs notice)
Body clip $175
Special care
(medicating bath, treatment, holding horse for vet, etc.)
$25/Half Hour
Commission acting in agent in sale, purchase, or lease 15% of sale price

Horse Show Rates

Show day Training $75.00/day first horse/rider
$60.00 per day additional horse (same rider)
Day Care (Stalls cleaned, horse fed & watered, supervised care)* Boarders $50.00/day
Non-boarders $70.00/day
Full Care (Day care + bathing, lunging, tacking, blanketing, tack-cleaning, unbraiding) Boarders $75.00/day
Non-boarders $100/day
Show rides Boarders No chage
Non-boarders $50/class or ride paid at show
School horse rental for horse shows $100/day
Transport local $100
Transport Long Distance $1.00/mile
Emergency transport to vet clinic (after hours) $250


*Use of grooming stalls and equipment (supplies, stall cleaning pitchforks, buckets, etc.) is reserved for clients on full care. If you are doing your own care you are expected to use all of your own equipment and supplies. Full care is required for students who are in their first year of showing, and recommended for everyone. If your horse needs to be lunged or ridden by a professional in the morning then you need full care. Please remember to tip grooms if you feel your service was excellent.


  • Medications billed per use (no one is permitted to medicate their own horse)
  • Groom's and trainers hotel will be divided evenly by horses
  • Braiding and bedding is paid directly to braider and show office before leaving show
  • It is the exhibitor's responsibility to pay in the show office before leaving the show